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Palma de Mallorca

General notes:

The Balearic Islands are an archipelago located off the Spanish coast and it is composed of 4 islands forming an autonomous community in Spain, consisting of only one province.

The official languages are two: Catalan and Castilian Spanish, even if inhabitants speak the Balearic dialect.

In order of size, the 4 Islands forming the Balearics are:

  1. Majorca
  2. Menorca
  3. Ibiza
  4. Formentera

The climate is typically the Mediterranean, with hot summers and temperatures that in winter hardly drop below freezing.


Finding a job in Palma de Mallorca

The ease of finding a job is proportional to your professionality. If you already have experience in the field and know the language, making the season in the Balearics will be easy for you. Remember that English and Spanish are the local languages, and that the knowledge of German and French will allow you to find a job even more easily.

Do you need to understand if Palma could be your next city?

Contact us, we will provide you with advice regarding life, job situation and we will support you through our network of collaborators in Italy and Mallorca.

Why investing in Palma de Mallorca?

Mallorca is considered to be one of the best locations on the Mediterranean to spend the holidays, both thanks to the beauty of the sea, the charm of nature, and the fun, but also for the closeness to the other islands of the archipelago.

For many, living in such an uncontaminated place represents nothing but a dream, for others, it may become a concrete reality.

Palma de Mallorca not only has beautiful beaches and fun nightlife but also enjoys a strategic position in the Spanish economy.

Investing in this island could be the idea you were looking for to reinvent yourself and change your life. We don’t want to lie to you, opening an activity, especially ex novo is never easy. It is not so in Italy and it won’t be in Mallorca.

However, the legislation is completely different, same for the bureaucracy and even if the Balearic Islands have the same fiscal rules and laws as Spain, there are different facilitations that the Balearic government offers to investors.

Surely, the most prominent sector is that of tourism as the Balearic Islands are the second touristic destination in Spain. You will be able to find investors from every part of the world that every day open bars, restaurants, hotels, and B&Bs. However, of course, the islands are not only based on tourism, especially in Palma de Mallorca, you can find other sectors as the tertiary.

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Final considerations

Surely, a transfer or an investment has to be analyzed and planned in time, so we recommend you to take the time necessary to understand if this is the right choice for you, before making a final decision.

If you want to be sure of your choice and want to be accompanied on this new adventure, contact us. We have contacts in Italy who will explain and resolve all your doubts, and, on the Island, you will be able to rely on our Italian partners.


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