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Why selling your house with PEB Gestioni Immobiliari?

PEB works as a team, communication and problem solving are keys for our agency, and for this reason empathy with the client is very important for us, he will be accompanied by one of our agents from the beginning until the end and, together with him, he will be able to solve, conclude and face every single step.

Here 5 steps to sell and SCORE together with us:

  • Free advice and evaluation: our collaborators will come to your house without obligation and will provide you with a careful evaluation of your property according to the local market at that moment
  • Free professional photos and videos: we strongly believe that, in order to catch the attention of the client on different portals, an impactful picture is needed. For this reason, we provide the photo and video for free to all clients signing the mediation assignment
  • Search for the right consumer for you: every house needs its ideal owner. Thanks to our database we know exactly who could fully appreciate your potential
  • Guaranteed appointments: we are not like common agencies which aim at reducing the price only to sell first. Your victory is also ours so we will ensure that we have an adequate number of appointments from the beginning of the task.
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