PEB immobiliare S.r.l.


Today, PEB Gestioni Immobiliari is a growing reality not only in Italy but also abroad thanks to a winning “three-way agreement” which consists of the collaboration between the company, the licensees, and the professionals of the construction sector.

PEB is constantly looking for licensees to train and subsequently insert in the main Italian cities. The training of future licensees will be held at PEB points. During this period, lasting approximately a month, the licensee will work closely with all PEB’s collaborators and the operational aspects of each job role will be examined together with the managers.

Knowledge about the real estate market will be provided, as well as PEB’s values and all aspects of services offered by PEG Gestioni Immobiliari.


The franchising agreement

PEB Gestioni Immobiliari agrees with the licensee a contract lasting for 7+3 years, authorizes the search for the location of the Real estate agency, and ensures the obtaining of the authorizations according to the regulation in force.

The licensee is responsible for the costs relative to the commercial activity, the brand, the initial training of his employees, and the advertising of the PEB point.

The initial costs and any fees charged to the entrepreneur will be shown and explained during a first cognitive meeting with the CEO of the company.


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