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PEB accompanies the client from the search or the offer on the market of a property, to the deed. We deal with the buying and selling of commercial and residential premises, but also with residential and commercial leases.

To offer the best service, we have created a close network of connections with other professionals of the sector as architects, bank consultants, and surveyors.



  • Real estate valuation and estimates
  • Exclusive and non-exclusive assignments
  • Professional photos and videos
  • Advertisement on different portals, billboards, flyers, and online
  • Mortgage advice


  • Real estate valuation and estimates
  • Exclusive and non-exclusive assignments
  • Professional photos and videos
  • Advertisement on different portals, billboards, flyers, and online
  • Contract registration
  • Consulting


  • Home staging
  • Cadastral services
  • Architectural Design


Home Staging

Have you ever heard of “emotional marketing”? This is one of the definitions of home staging: a technique aiming at enhancing the qualities of a property thanks to targeted interventions. Thanks to an accurate home staging the client will be able to see and imagine how his dream house will be furnished.

This practice was born in the United States and overtime it has made its way also in the Italian real estate market. With a few simple interventions, the value of the property can rise.

But how does home staging work? If the house is inhabited the first step is decluttering, so the depersonalization of the house. Together with the owner, we try to lighten the environment, especially from personal objects, so that the future buyer can immerse fully in the house.

The second step is instead to furnish the property according to the taste of the future owner as much as possible. How can the home stager know his taste?

We can’t reveal all of our secrets, can we?

We offer this service to whoever wants to sell with us, and we ensure that after the work of our home stager even properties which have been on the market for months will find their new owner in less than 30 days.


Mortgage advice

The purchase of a house is a very important step, and it comes not without doubts. This is why before starting the search for your dream house it is necessary to talk with a broker.

Thanks to the competence and professionalism of our brokers, you will receive free advice with which you will be directed towards the bank which best fits your interests.

But his work does not stop at a simple consultation. When you will make your offer for the property of your dreams, the consultant will be in charge of:

  • Analyzing the feasibility of your mortgage request
  • Advice you on how to choose among the different types of mortgages and inform you of their different characteristics
  • Monitor the bank that you have chosen together
  • Accompany you until the loan agreement is signed


Why rely on mortgage advice?

Mortgage advice can be useful in different situations:

  • When the job situation or the income of the person applying for a mortgage turns out to be particular (such as a VAT number or a limited length of service, etc.)
  • When a high mortgage percentage is needed (such as the request of a 100% mortgage, hard to obtain, especially if the application is not followed by a good consultant)
  • When an initial investigation of the mortgage practice was not successful, perhaps because the choice of the bank was not right or because the type of mortgage was not the most appropriate

Or simply when you don't have enough time to think about all the documents and appointments you need to apply for a mortgage. In addition to knowing the best banks for your situation, a good consultant is also one who takes care of saving your time and energy that you could be spending on choosing the furniture.

Architectural design

Have you ever had an idea in mind but didn’t know how to make others visualize it just as you thought it?

In our team, we have no shortage of architects and interior designers who will show you concretely, through photorealistic 3D renderings, a splendid alternative to the current state of the property.

Seeing in a virtual but extremely realistic way, how your home could be built, you will not hesitate to get excited.



Our team of architects will not hesitate to give you a free consultancy for the pre-feasibility of:

  • 50% RENOVATIONS OR HOME BONUS (how to monetize the tax credit) which will allow you to improve your property through energy redevelopment and also deduct household appliances!
  • 65% RENOVATIONS OR ECOBONUS which will allow you to change fixtures, boilers, and air conditioners; with this global energy upgrading of the building, you will gain access to 65% deductions!
  • 110% SUPER BONUS this novelty has been introduced with the relaunch decree, which allows you to have access to the Super bonus with a deduction rate of 110% of the costs incurred.
  • SISMABONUS which consists of the possibility of securing one’s properties and buildings in areas at risk of seismic (zone 1, 2, 3), you will have access to 110% deductions!
  • GREEN BONUS it is a deduction of 36% for the arrangement of your garden to realize appliances or fences, irrigation systems, and construction of roofs and roof gardens.

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