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PEB's story

PEB GESTIONI IMMOBILIARI was born in 2007 from a project of its founder Aldo Paludi: fully accompany the client from the choice of his first property to the final purchase contract. PEB was not meant to merely be an intermediary but the friend to rely on to reach your desires without forgetting about your needs. Now PEB GESTIONI IMMOBILIARI is a brand owned by PEB immobiliare Srl.

PEB, thanks to the seriousness and professionalism of its STAFF, has expanded its reach from Rome, throughout Italy, and even abroad, opening in 2018 its first foreign office in Spain.



  • Professionals always up to date: we believe in training, for this reason, our partners are always well prepared and informed on the last news in the sector.
  • Sharing: 

“A game can be described in terms of strategies that players have to follow in their moves: there’s an equilibrium when no one can improve his behavior unilaterally. To change, it is necessary to act together

(John Nash, Nobel prize)

If every component of a group follows his private interest, and we are in a case of perfect competition, then no participant of the group wins. Instead, we at PEB have created within our STAFF cooperation such that everyone acts not to obtain the highest gain for himself, but to obtain the best result for the group, thus achieving a better result also for himself.

  • Real Estate Network: thanks to the instruments given by today’s technologies, we can have an infinite list of properties in our portfolio that can cover all the areas. Our network is continuously growing, and we can offer you links within the reach of a click.
  • Certified reliability: our experience also in the field of construction, has made us understand that the final client must be sustained and accompanied from the first valuation to the deed, to be able to give a total consultancy during the whole collaboration period.



PEB specializes in the sale and rental of properties. Thanks to our network in constant expansion, we can answer any need or necessity. Over the years, the brand has retained its “vocation” as a provider of quality services, in an attempt to establish itself as a single point of contact for the costumer’s attention, in a market in which there are

  • Trust
  • Harmony
  • Fairness
  • Time Optimization


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